What is the metaverse? Why are 3D and AR important in the web3 movement?
Why does this impact luxury and fashion retail?

Today there are 353 million physical products listed on Amazon. Imagine every product will live in the 3D virtual world when you shop on your phone. This forecast and the idea of the metaverse can only be fully realized by incorporating 3D and AR technologies.

This is just the beginning of a disruptive journey that our company is shaping up for the world to use in helping to build the 3D internet. New technologies like ours allow brands to deliver their products and services straight into customers’ homes. It doesn’t matter where or who you are — you can shop for it. This is luxury — in the cloud

As eCommerce has evolved from Web 2.0, to Web3 we have seen the rise in the adoption of continuous immersive experiences. For luxury brands specifically, this means 3D & AR has become a required experience that customers demand and expect.

In the Web3 era, ‘metacommerce’ becomes the blurred sense of ownership between digital and physical products. In the metaverse, we place equal value and importance on digital ownership as we do with physical ownership. Our 3D platform is built for luxury ownership.

Source: Vogue Business | December 2021

With NFT collections like the Bored Ape Yacht Club and CloneX doubling down on 3D and NFT wearables built for the metaverse and brands like Adidas and Nike staking claim to the next wave of culture — we are building the 3D internet alongside these innovative brands.

The future of the luxury retail market will be linked to the metaverse and 3D and AR are just at the starting line. As we reach true scalability in 3D formats there is no telling how advanced our access to fashion and culture will become via AR glasses and immersive worlds.

What’s Next?
When we are completely immersed in the metaverse our access to information will explode, we will be able to communicate with other people like never before, and we will be able to wear digital clothing and drive digital cars if we want to.

One of the biggest reasons that people want 3D and AR is that 2D shopping with photos is still difficult. After decades of traditional e-commerce shopping experiences, 3D formats are only now becoming the expected experience.

FARFETCH released a 3D digital fashion editorial series for Burberry powered by Threedium.

Luxury has always been attached to culture and helps enable our self-expression in how we show up in the world. The difference today is that 3D and AR allow for virtual try-on and it begs the question — what is the difference between wearing an AR try-on or using a social filter of your outfit versus actually ‘wearing’ it out the door? The difference is if you OWN it. NFT’s solve this ownership of digital assets. 3D, AR, and NFTs are the building blocks of the metaverse being built by luxury retail brands.

It is important that we realize that the technology we use is progressing more and more each day. We don’t have to just sit around and wait for the metaverse. The metaverse is coming and the Internet will follow suit. Threedium and our brand partners will be coming up with new ways to make 3D shopping easier and more available for everyday use. We are building the 3D Internet.


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